List of All Monster High Movies (Online)

Watch all the Monster High movies online straight from here! you can see the adventures of your favourite monsters free of charge and by only clicking on the links that we provide you with.

Here, you will be able to watch all the Monster High movies that have been released yet with the best possible quality. Follow Frankie, Draculaura, Clawdeen, Cleo, Spectra, Lagoona and Ghoulia in their fantastic adventures where they will prove that they can do anything.

Their adventures go from being the new girl at the school to finding the true meaning of Halloween, launching the best party ever, escaping from a mysterious island with a mythical beast, trying to make the vampires and werewolves become friends again, winning a roller skating competition, going to study fashion in Scaris and fighting an evil genius.

But we do not want to give too much detail on what the different movies are about, so the best thing to do is go and watch them! We can promise you that you will love them and that they may make you feel a bit scared at some points. Now, go ahead and click on the movie that you want to watch and have a great time with your favourite characters of Monster High!

Live them and enjoy them!
Fright On! (2011)
Ghouls Rule (2012)
13 Wishes (2013)
Haunted (2015)
Electrified (2017)

You can also watch all Monster High movies in Spanish (WATCH HERE)

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